Friday, 14 March 2014

The Bunya Mountains

We drove through Dalby (and an extra half hour of roadworks, annoying!) and climbed up to where it was 8 degrees cooler and much greener in the Bunya Mountains. We walked the scenic track, 4kms, and on the way saw lots of big trees (no surprise) some beautiful little creeks and waterfalls (a nice surprise), a red bellied black snake right by the track (I hate surprises) and lots and lots of wallabies and lorikeets. Marguerite walked the entire circuit by herself, though I did have to lure her on with "any kind of dessert I want at Nana's, I mean, Andrea's house". You can stay right next to the national park, do plenty of nice cool walks and enjoy the log fire at night (or so every place seems to advertise)

View from the top of the mountains out over the Darling and Western Downs.

Tree hugging

A big strangler fig.

Marguerite in the strangler fig

Peaceful Tim O'Shea Falls

Not so peaceful anymore...

Wallaby with joey.

On the way home we stopped off at tiny Quinalow at the meat processing plant for delicious pork chops, and Fiela got an added bonus at just a bit bigger Jondaryan, when we stopped for some beer, where it was Lingerie Wednesday (a close second to Tits Out Monday). Apparently the three old blokes in there were really enjoying it. Unfortunately I was in the car so there are no photos of that part of the trip.

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