Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Minyon Falls

Most of my posts have been, shall we say, reader-centric. So as a nod to all those out there who groan everytime they see these posts are longer than two sentences, this one's for you...

We drove out to Minyon Falls which on Whereis.com was only a 26min drive from Newrybar, but when it felt like we were about to come around a corner and find ourselves in Nimbin, I hung my 'local' head in shame and deferred to the Navigon on Fiela's phone. We'd missed the turnoff because the sign was missing and congratulated ourselves on negotiating this little navigational hurdle fight free.

The drive up to Minyon Falls in the Nightcap National Park.
Beautiful rainforest and just enough dirt to feel like you're kilometres from anywhere.

"What the?? Where's Nana?"

"Walking? Come on Marguerite - you can do this!!" She actually said that. Hilarious and kind of scary as I could almost hear the Dora the Explorer anthem. 

Father of the year carrying Caesar in our new Osprey baby carrier. Super comfortable and with some clever little storage spaces. 

Minyon Falls- see that damp skid mark? That's it. 

Rocks and water at the bottom of the 'falls'.

I love a bushwalk starting with a boarded path- lulls you into a false sense of security that it will be easy, requiring no effort and certainly no steps or hills.

Happy days! Fast forward two hours and it's a very different story... "My legs just have no energy left in them..."

The Bush Tucker man and his willing assistants.

A scribbly bark tree hollowed out by termites. 

And the apples do not fall far from the tree. This 'little' stop  took about 20 minutes as Fiela and Marguerite harassed the termites. I looked on with bemusement.

So we did about four kilometres of the Minyon Falls track, halfway to the bottom and back. Marguerite walked pretty much the entire way- the last 500 metres was a bit harrowing for everyone but we think she did brilliantly for her first walk. Apart from the backpack for Caesar, we were totally unprepared- I wore Crocs thinking it would be fine but the pain in my calves for the next three days said otherwise.  Mosquitoes attacked us. Sunburn was rife. And not one sweet chocolately treat between us to ease the sweaty work of bushwalking. Unattractive hiking boots I will find you in the bottom of the van...

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