Friday, 31 October 2014


Looking over Middleton Beach where we stayed.
Fiela caught King George Whiting and Squid in the bay here.
The water was freezing and the weather pretty ordinary at times, but there was still the odd crazy kid jumping off the jetty into the crystal clear water.
 Tired of writing blog entries, I decided to  use our double stop at Albany as a break from endless typing. However, I've realised that I was much too busy having an AWESOME time in Albany to take any decent photos. So I offer nothing more in this post than some substandard shots of an incredibly interesting city...

Angels at the ANZAC Memorial- quite possibly the most beautiful and moving I've ever been to.

The view from the ANZAC Memorial.


The Brig Amity; a reconstruction of the first boatload of illegal immigrants, sorry, I mean white settlers to arrive in Albany during the 1800s. You can climb onboard and go into the holds beneath. Men and women were obviously shorter and less worried about confined spaces back then. There is a myriad of historical sites throughout town.

A view over Middleton Beach, Albany.

The coast line of Torndirrup National Park on a blustery cold afternoon.

The Natural Bridge, Fiela on top.

Torndirrup National Park.

Two Peoples Bay and its beautiful beach.

Two Peoples Bay.


Coastal wildflowers... aah spring!

Albany wind farm. 12 turbines producing up to 80% of Albany's power needs.  Unsurprisingly, it was pretty windy when we were here.

Noisy turbines.

Birthday party for the kids courtesy of Nana and Poppy + random children who smelt cake and icing in the air.

Kangaroo at Torndirrup National Park.

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