Thursday, 27 February 2014

We are the Uys Huis

In the beginning there was nothing but a Man, a Woman, a Girl, a Boy and a campertrailer called the S.S. Uys Huis (House).

Then there were camping chairs, melamine plates, solar powered lights and nifty gadgets that folded down to nothing and back up to something, well, nifty and these gadgets (so I have been told) were totally necessary.
Now we are officially on our Big Trip (March 1st 2014): the circumnavigation of Australia, a country twice the size of Europe, around 16,500kms of coastline... And us, a little family hoping to see some of it with a modicum of composure.

We've begun our journey on the Far North Coast of New South Wales and will travel North up to Karumba through March and April. May will see us in Darwin.

Anyway, stay tuned for the Life and Times of the SS Uys Huis has begun.

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